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The famous Bailey Bridge was invented by Donald Bailey in 1942 just across the road from our premises.
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The glass in your picture frame isn’t just any old glass.

We supply three different types of glass to suit your needs.

Standard Glass - Clear Soda Lime Glass (often referred to as float glass). This type of glass will protect your artwork from dust and contact damage, but offers little protection against fading caused by sunlight.

Diffused Glass - (Also called non-reflective glass). This glass is acid etched on one side to give a non-glare, diffused finish, although the significant reduction in glare will be in exchange for a slight loss in clarity. See photos below.
Note that this glass will provide no more protection to your artwork from UV light than standard glass.

Conservation Glass – (Also called UV Filter Glass). Standard clear glass will only block about 45% of UV where UV Filtered glass can block up to 97% without any loss in the amount of light transmitted through it.
We recommend this glass be used on high value artworks that are at risk from fading.

Plastic Glass - We can supply Styrene or Acryllic glass for use in areas where safety is of concern, such as childrens bedrooms or for large prints with large area of glass.

Standard glass.
Strip light above shows clearly and artwork is obsured.

Non-relective glass.
Strip light above becomes diffused but artwork is still visible.
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