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The famous Bailey Bridge was invented by Donald Bailey in 1942 just across the road from our premises.
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We offer a wide selection of colours

We use Crescent Mount Board - "A quality USA range of Crescent mountboard. Leaders in striving for excellence in quality within the mountboard industry, and a major player in the completion of the FATG standards for mountboard, their products and range are outstanding. It is arguably the biggest range available in sizes, texture and colours". Wessex Pictures.

Why use a Mount board?

  • To support and protect your artwork by preventing its surface from contacting with the glass. In conservation framing we can also place a mount board behind your artwork to protect it from impurities in the frames backing.

  • You may wish to obscure some parts of your artwork. Perhaps the main subject is not central and you would wish to cover a section of artwork to bring the subject back into the centre.

  • Part of your artwork may be damaged; using a mount board can cover this.

  • By placing a plain area of complimentary colour between the edge of your artwork and the frame you can draw more focus onto your artwork rather than on its surroundings.

  • If the predominant colours of your artwork do not compliment the décor in the room where your artwork is to be displayed, using an appropriate colour can help interface between the artwork and your décor.

Single or Double Mount?

Using a double mount where one mount board is placed on top of another can further enhance your picture. The mount board that is placed on top has a larger window thus exposing the edge of the mountboard below. Colours can then be chosen to produce deep contrast between the two mounts or to provide a suttle blending between your artwork and the top mount. See the photos below.

Single mount
Single Mount
Double mount
Double Mount
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